Getting Down on the Farm

We just returned from a wonderful visit with Joel’s family in Mississippi!

It was QUITE a fun-filled time.

When I married a Mississippi boy, who grew up 9-hrs from me, I knew things would be a little different. But I never knew HOW different it would be, neither did I know how much fun it would be!

Early the second morning we were there, Joel went to help his dad and some other relatives (Hurdle is a very popular name in MS!) out in the cornfield.

I naively thought that I might go for an early morning walk, stop by to snap a few pictures and lend a hand in the work…

In the middle of this thought process, Mrs. Anita decided to join me. Knowingly, she played along with my naivety and offered to drive us, but of course, I wanted to walk, so she obliged. On our walk we ran into a family of raccoons that we were excited to photograph, but, I realized I didn’t have the memory card  in my camera. We hurried back to grab it.

About that time, (after only about 1/3 of a mile), I caved and accepted her offer to drive us. We decided that even though NEITHER of us knew how to drive the 4-wheeler, THAT would be the best mode of transportation to the cornfields. She IMPRESSIVELY got the thing started, but she didn’t know how to put it in reverse, so yours truly pulled it backwards till we had enough room to drive forward!

After driving through 2 soy bean vs. corn fields, we finally found the hard working farmers.

Not only did the men laugh at us driving the 4-wheeler and me trying to take pictures while they were hard a work, but they were SILENCED by my offer to help!! Joel said it was something about a little girl in Nike shorts and a t-shirt didn’t match their coveralls, work boots and gloves.

I kept seeing these body-bag-looking-things lying around and so I offered to empty the corn out of them. (I was trying to be helpful!) They all pretty much laughed and ignored me…then I saw all 265 ears of why!

Shew! Maybe I’m glad they didn’t let me help after all.

At that point, I was a little embarrassed to just be standing there snapping pictures, and they were starting to get slightly annoyed, so, Mrs. Anita loaded me back on the 4-wheeler and we headed home.

I must say, I felt invigorated at the sight of real farmers working the land. I don’t know, it was just kinda cool! Or maybe it was how cute Joel looked out in the field. (New fave picture!)

I’ll let you know when Southern Living does their feature on these adorable farmers! :)

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